My March Madness Bracket!

March Madness!

This year the NCAA Basketball Tournament is living up to the hype of March Madness. First things first, each year our team fills out brackets for bragging rights in the locker room. Each year, I do my best to make unbiased choices but ultimately succumb to my allegiance to Michigan State and I move them on through the bracket! Sometimes a little further than most people do. But this year was different! They were supposed to go all of the way. Many of the experts even picked them for the Final Four and a chance to win the title. That was until they ran into Middle Tennessee, a 15 seed in the first round. Everyone knows the story of how well they shot the ball and how hard they worked. I have to admit, as disappointed I am that my Spartans lost, it is always great to hear an underdog story. But these guys aren’t the only ones. I have never seen this many upsets in any year of the tournament. Statistically, I would be interested in seeing if it is in fact the most upsets. All in all, it is fun to root for the underdogs. The schools like Middle Tennessee or Stephen F. Austin rarely get to be on the same stage as the bigger schools and they certainly made their school proud.

I’ll give you a couple of my secrets, most I am sure you already know, on how I picked my bracket this year. First, the 5-12 seeds are pretty much a lock every year for at least one upset. So I take a peek at those and see if I have any gut feelings on those match ups. Second, I take in account teams that I root for. The obvious one is Michigan State. Then I root for anyone that is playing U of Michigan (in this case Notre Dame), then other Big Ten teams. For example, I picked Maryland, Indiana, Purdue, and Iowa. I did not, however, pick Wisconsin (what a dumb pick on my behalf!). The rest of my picks are just gut feelings. I am not an expert when it comes to college basketball but I truly enjoy March Madness every year and who doesn’t love a good underdog/Cinderella story? Here is a look at how my bracket looks (all of the red are my picks that are wrong and the green are the picks that are correct):


FullSizeRender (2)IMG_2898 (2)



Who do you have in your final four? I may just send out a treat or two!