Game Day! How the Routine Comes Together

A game day routine becomes second nature. Some guys are more superstitious than others. Some guys are hard to have a conversation with because they’re so in to their routine. And then there’s the group of guys that claim they don’t have a routine but then when you really look at it, they do the same thing over and over again.

I fall in to that last category. I don’t want to be a superstitious guy because if something ever goes wrong, I don’t want to be mentally distraught to the point where I can’t play the game. So I have a routine that can be rearranged and changed and it won’t bother me. It looks something like this:

7 pm home game

-Get to the rink at 9:15am
-Stretch and watch special teams video
-10:30am practice. This practice is usually easy and used as a warm up for the game. Generally a good time for us to make sure all of our equipment like skates and sticks are prepared the way we need them.
-11:45 am eat lunch
-1:30pm nap
-4pm wake up
-arrive at the rink before 5pm
-team meeting at 5:30pm
-soccer to warm up followed by my stretching routine
-6:30pm on ice warm ups start
-7pm game time

That’s how my game day looks. Everyone’s is different and mine changes almost every game. At the rink there are many different things that I do. The only weird thing I do is I keep the cup I drink water out of after warm ups as my personal trash that I use in between periods for the tape on my stick. Every intermission I re-tape my hockey stick and untie my skates so my feet can get some rest.

All in all, I thought I was a guy who didn’t have a routine but when I really look at it I am just like all the other guys who do.

Anyone else have a routine that you need to stick too?? A lucky winner will get something in the mail….


And here’s another pic of our pup Fenway…because she’s just so cute not to share!


Our pup Fenway!