Staying Active in the NHL…and Free Stuff Friday~

The ups and downs of the hockey season are both mentally and physically draining. With the games being televised every night, you guys are able to see how physically strenuous a game can be. What you guys actually don’t see is our practices. I actually think our practices are more exhausting than a game. This year, I have averaged about 22 minutes on the ice during a game while our practices last anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour and 15 minutes. Now I know I am not constantly skating or working during this time, but we do many reps of every drill and you have to be mentally sharp to not become a ‘drill wrecker’.

Off the ice we do many things to stay in shape and stay on top of our health. A lot of what we do is prehab work such as stretching, foam rolling, accessory lifts as well as the main lifts most people do. Since the main goal of our workouts is to keep us strong and to play in every game, our lifts are not as high intensity as our summer lifts. We do the main lifts (bench press, squats, etc.) twice a week while we do prehab work every day. Most of our lifts actually happen after our games but occasionally they will be done mid-week depending on our schedule.

That’s just an idea of how our workout schedule works!

What’s one of your fitness tips you can share?

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