The end of a long road trip in the NHL

For me, a typical off day in Boston involves a lot of resting which involves a lot of my couch. Throughout the season we typically get 3-4 scheduled off days a month (and if we’re playing well Coach will throw in another one sometimes!). Most of the days off fall on Sundays for us which is great because I relax and watch football all day long. This week we got home from a 10 day road trip and played 6 games in 9 days. I was definitely tired. Luckily, we don’t play for a few days and there were a couple NFL playoff games on to pass my time.

I am lucky because I am married to a great wife who is a great cook. So after eating out at restaurants for 10 days I am able to eat a nice home cooked meal before we head back on the road to Montreal.

All in all, my days off are relaxing, allowing me to rejuvenate and get prepared for whatever the schedule throws at me the upcoming week!

How do you all rejuvenate for the upcoming week?