Working Towards Graduation while Playing in the NHL

The day I committed to Michigan State University is the day I committed to graduating from college. No matter what happened, whether I continued my hockey career or not, I was going to graduate from school. Since I have 16 credits remaining, I am technically still a student. When I signed with the Boston Bruins I had 38 credits to complete. So I am, slowly but surely, making my way to graduation!

I am a political science major. I was a pre-law student but I had to drop that title once I left for Boston because of the necessary classes for that major were not available online (note: it doesn’t matter if I dropped the title if I ever want to pursue law school). I am taking the remainder of my courses on the internet. The first couple years of my pro hockey career I took one class, which is typically 3 or 4 credits, during the spring semester which starts in January and ends in the first week of May. I decided against that the last couple years so I can focus on the playoff push during that time period. Therefore, I take my classes in the summer. Last summer I took 7 credits over two classes. Aside from the pre-requisites, the majority of my classes cover different political topics. Anything from the history of the state of Michigan to analyzing political statistics. Politics has always been a topic that has been interesting to me. The way the government works was always a topic that I got excited about in grade school. I started out a Finance major in my first year at MSU but that changed fast because I was not enjoying the material I was learning. At the end of the day you have to enjoy what you’re doing and that’s why I switched my major.

Here I am studying in Greece while on vacation last summer.

studying in greece

Maybe I should try to get the student discount at places that still offer it! I also have to thank my mother for pushing me towards graduation. When I decided to leave school early she made me promise that I would graduate. So thanks Momma! :) If all goes according to plan I should be in my cap and gown at Michigan State in the next few years!

Go Green!